Kuwaiti MP calls for non-Muslims to be granted citizenship

Kuwaitis who leave Islam will have their citizenship revoked under current laws

A Kuwaiti MP has reportedly submitted a draft law calling for the county to scrap restrictions on non-Muslims becoming citizens.

Kuwait Times cited MP Khaled Al-Shatti as saying the scrapping of the 1959 provision in the nationality law would end decades of discrimination against non-Muslims.

In order to become law, the draft bill would need to pass through the National Assembly’s legislative committee and be approved by the interior and defence committees before going to a vote.

The government must then accept the law.

“This is an out-dated provision and it’s time that it is deleted from the nationality law,” he as quoted as saying.

The current law means only Muslims by birth or those who have converted to Islam at least five years before applying can be citizens.

Kuwaitis who leave Islam will have their citizenship revoked.

Christians make up an estimated 10 to 15 per cent of Kuwait’s 4.4 million population, but the vast majority are expats.