UAE's ‘Covid-19 tracker’ website provides live updates regarding the virus
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UAE’s Covid-19 tracker website provides live updates regarding the virus

UAE’s Covid-19 tracker website provides live updates regarding the virus

The website also includes a ‘Daily Self-assessment’ tab that allows individuals to assess whether they have contracted the virus

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The UAE has launched a Covid-19 tracker website that provides real-time updates regarding the virus within the country.

The bilingual website has been developed by the UAE’s Supreme Council for National Security and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

It is accessible via all smart devices and can be found at

The website displays the total diagnosed cases, critical cases, deaths and the number of those who have recovered.

There is also a graph displaying the number of daily infections plotted against the number of recoveries, critical cases and deaths.

On Sunday, March 29, the UAE registered its single biggest daily increase in new cases. There were 102 infections reported, along with three recoveries and one death.

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The website hosts a ‘Daily Self-assessment’ tab that leads to a questionnaire designed in coordination with the country’s Ministry of Health and Prevention to help people assess their health condition and also to give prompt advice if required.

The questions include details regarding age, existing medical conditions and body temperature.

A separate section on the website also provides general information regarding the coronavirus including its symptoms, treatment and precautionary measures (available in five languages: English, Arabic, Mandarin, Filipino and Hindi) which must be followed to stem its spread.

A ‘Recent News’ tab on the website also has information including official press information regarding the virus within the UAE.

By entering an email address at the bottom of the website, users can subscribe to receive the latest feeds.


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