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UAE issues new remote working directives for private sector within the country

UAE issues new remote working directives for private sector within the country

Companies must set up screening points at the entrance to its offices and limit the number of office-based workers to not more than 30 per cent of its workforce


The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has issued a new set of directives for the private sector with regards to its work from home policy, and which will be enforced with immediate effect, reported Gulf News.

Exempt from this new directive are companies operating in infrastructure, supply, telecommunications, energy, health, education, financial sector, food industry, hospitality, medical industry and cleaning.

Under the latest policy, the number of office-based workers must be limited to not more than 30 per cent of the company’s workforce.

It is a rule that specifically applies to customer service staff and it requires companies to ensure its employees maintain the minimum required social distance from each other and customers at all times.

Companies must set up screening points at the entrance to its offices and accommodation units to check its employees for coronavirus symptoms, twice daily.

This could be in the morning before employees leave to go to work from their accommodation or when the employees arrive at the office.

The second mandatory daily check must be in the evening when the employees leave from the office or when they arrive at their accommodation.

Suspected coronavirus cases must be referred to hospitals for testing.

The remote working system is applicable to all workers whose presence in office is not required, especially pregnant women, those aged above 55 years, people of determination, workers with respiratory or chronic diseases, and women with children studying in grade 9 or below.

Also, all private sector companies must undertake disinfection of its equipment and facilities.

The number of riders per bus must not exceed 25 per cent of the vehicle’s capacity to ensure that a safe distance is maintained between them.

Companies must suspend assemblies and all cultural, sports or social activities scheduled at workers’ accommodation and ensure that the employees maintain a distance of at least two meters apart at their accommodation’s canteen.

All private sector firms who have activated work-from-home models must use smart electronic applications and provide IT support systems for employees working remotely.

Those private sector firms which support governmental departments must coordinate to ensure continuity of business.

On Monday, the ministry issued a separate decree regulating private sector job cuts and salary reductions during the Covid-19 crisis allowing businesses to grant employees both paid and unpaid leave and temporarily reducing their salaries during the period in which its operations are affected as a result of the precautionary measures in place to contain the virus.

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