Sharjah's Bee’ah launches new biomass facility
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Sharjah’s Bee’ah launches new biomass facility

Sharjah’s Bee’ah launches new biomass facility

The plant will process 200 tonnes of cellulose and carbon-based waste daily


Sharjah-based waste management company Bee’ah launched its new biomass facility, official news agency WAM reported.

The plant, located at its waste management complex in Al Sa’jaa, Sharjah, will process 200 tonnes of cellulose and carbon-based waste daily, equal to the mass of 16 standard school buses.

The aim is to generate alternative fuel for industrial manufacturing as part of the UAE’s push towards a circular economy.

The new facility initially segregates cellulose- and carbon-based waste from construction, furniture, biological and bulky waste collected by Bee’ah from residential and commercial areas.

The waste is then processed and converted into alternative fuel for cement factories and paper mills, helping to pare fossil fuel consumption and total energy costs for these industries.

The plant will also reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, supporting the UAE Government’s Vision 2021 of diverting waste from landfills by 75 per cent.

The project was conceptualised to bridge a gap for treating cellulose- and carbon-based waste, and to offer alternatives to fossil fuels.

Khaled Al Huraimel, group CEO of Bee’ah, said, “Bee’ah is keen to leverage its experience in integrated waste management to expand its current portfolio of zero-waste solutions. We firmly believe in the need to recapture value from waste and reintegrate materials back into the economy, helping to save precious natural resources, mitigate environmental impact and divert waste from overly used landfills.”

The alternative fuel, produced by the biomass facility, took one-and-a-half year to develop, and was conducted in collaboration with end-users.

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