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Saudi Shura Council to decide on appointing women as judges

Saudi Shura Council to decide on appointing women as judges

A member of the council has tabled the recommendation to appoint women as judges in personal status courts


Women could soon be appointed as judges in personal status courts in Saudi Arabia, according to local media reports.

Member of the Saudi Shura Council, Dr. Issa al-Ghaith, has tabled the recommendation in favour the decision, with voting scheduled for June 17, daily newspaper Okaz reported. 

The previous recommendation made by council member Latifa Al Shaalan and two colleagues two years ago called for women to be appointed to positions of judges in the public.

Al-Shaalan supported the recommendation and stressed that there is no definite text in the Sharia that prohibits women from practicing in the judiciary, and that the Sharia principle calls for mutual guardianship between men and women in all other affairs of life.

Women’s lack of access to the judiciary is inconsistent with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, she added.

Al-Shaalan also cited Kuwait, which has finally enabled women to work as judges, the report said.

Saudi Arabia has undertaken a series of women empowerment measures in recent years. In 2018, women in the kingdom were allowed to drive after a decades-old ban was lifted.

Last year, the kingdom also allowed adult women to travel without permission and granted them more control over family matters.

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