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Saudi scholar warns wives against smartphone spying

Saudi scholar warns wives against smartphone spying

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Motlaq reportedly linked the practice to divorce cases

A top Saudi scholar has reportedly warned wives in the kingdom against searching through their husbands’ mobile phones, citing figures linking the action to divorce cases.

Arab News quoted Council of Senior Scholars member and advisor to the Royal Court Sheikh Abdullah Al-Motlaq as saying searching through a husband’s phone was considered spying and not permissible, as was husbands searching through their wife’s phone.

Speaking on the Al-Iftaa television programme, he said up to 20 per cent of divorce cases in the kingdom had been linked to the action, often due to wives finding content on the device that did not please them.

“Spying is haram (not permissible) and can cause problems, and is one of the major sins that leads to no good,” Al-Motlaq was quoted as saying.

The scholar also warned husbands and wives to trust each other and not spy on each other’s devices to avoid conflicts.

The publication also reported that Al-Motlaq called for wives to avoid wasteful expenditure of their husband’s money.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice is expected to launch an alimony fund to help women and children during divorce litigation, or in cases where couples cannot afford to support themselves and their children.


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