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Saudi says more than 500,000 visa violators arrested in crackdown

Saudi says more than 500,000 visa violators arrested in crackdown

The campaign ran from mid November to early February

Saudi authorities arrested more than half a million foreigners during a recent crackdown on violators of residency, labour and border security laws, state-run Saudi Press Agency said on Monday.

The campaign, which ran from November 15 to February 3, saw 534,764 violators arrested in total including 359,748 in breach of residency laws, 124,161 in breach of labour laws and 50,855 in breach of border security laws.

A total of 7,670 people were also arrested while trying to cross the border into the kingdom of which 70 per cent were Yemeni and 28 per cent Ethiopian, according to the report.

In addition, 1,067 people were arrested for transporting or housing violators of residency, employment or border regulations including 169 Saudi citizens. Legal procedures have been completed against 154 Saudis and are still underway against the remaining 15.

Of the total violators, 12,449 are still subject to deportation procedures, immediate sanctions were imposed against 93,820 and 76,851 were transferred to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents.

A further 84,074 were transferred for travel reservations and 120,425 were deported.

The crackdown followed an extended amnesty period that allowed violators of residence, labour and border security laws to correct their status leave the country without penalty.

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