Region’s only lab-grown diamond brand opens boutique in Dubai
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Region’s only ‘lab-grown diamond’ brand opens boutique in Dubai

Region’s only ‘lab-grown diamond’ brand opens boutique in Dubai

Evermore’s boutique is now open in the new Deira gold souq extension in Dubai

Zubina Ahmed
Lab grown diamond Evermore flagship boutique

We always knew that diamonds are dug from the earth, and mined out of carbon coal. But have you ever heard of lab-grown diamonds grown in a sustainable way?

In this day and age with technology, anything is possible. Lab-grown diamonds are usually produced in a laboratory, engineered from carbon, mimicking the process of diamond creation that takes place under the earth, making them chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds. All this is done without any environmental degradation.

A joint venture between UAE-based jewellery brand Siroya and New York-based ALTR, the region’s only lab-grown diamond brand Evermore opened in Dubai recently. The 750-square foot Evermore boutique has about 200 diamonds and claims to be twice in size for a price as less as Dhs2000.

Rohan Siroya, CEO of Evermore said. “Be it the cost-effectiveness or the flexibility, the shine or sparkle, lab-grown resonates with today’s consumer who is looking to experiment and be sustainable. From shape to colour to theme, lab-grown diamonds allow you to experiment and bring out your personality through jewellery in a way that’s never been done before. This is the new order when it comes to jewellery and we are so excited to have a physical space to showcase our expertise, accent on ethics and versatility.”

So how are lab grown different from natural diamonds and how are they certified and graded? Rohan explained, “a diamond is a crystalline structure of carbon, which under intense pressure and heat forms into a hard structure. This process takes millions of years. We can now make a diamond, only pure carbon in a laboratory. They are optically, chemically and thermally the same as a mined diamond.”

Lab diamonds are grown in a sustainable way, which means there is no mining and no pollution. Also since mining costs billions of dollars, the price of diamonds often is far too expensive for many consumers to purchase. “When we get rid of the mining, we are left with a much better-priced product, which the consumer can now enjoy responsibly,”added Rohan.

Growing a diamond does consume certain levels of electricity and gold, and only a few players in the market are making an effort to be truly sustainable. “With ALTR-created diamonds, Evermore uses renewable energy through solar, and we make efforts to use recycled materials in gold. We already use recycled gold in the US, Canada, and EU markets. We are currently in process of updating our processes and units for compliance. We are also in a drive towards recycled packaging in 2023. ALTR is carrying a social Audit through SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit),” concluded Rohan.

These diamonds are made-to-order, and the stones are classified as type 2, purer than 98 per cent of the world’s diamond supply. Consequently, they are better for the environment, do not exploit human labour and enjoy a low carbon footprint.

The new Evermore boutique is now open at the new gold souq. You can also find them at Siroya Jewellers outlets across the UAE, and at luxury boutiques in London and Bahrain.

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