Oman's Ministry of Health aims 90% Omanisation across medical specialties
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Oman’s Ministry of Health aims 90% Omanisation across medical specialties

Oman’s Ministry of Health aims 90% Omanisation across medical specialties

The ministry has already achieved 100 per cent in some specialties


The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Oman aims to achieve 90 per cent Omanisation across multiple medical jobs, while already securing 100 per cent across select specialties, Times of Oman reported.

“The statistical information regarding Omanisation of workers in medical and auxiliary medical jobs until the end of last year indicates a high percentage of Omanisation, ranging from 80 to 94 per cent to reach 100 per cent in some specialisations,” said Khalid bin Abdullah Al Mandhari, director general of administrative affairs at the Ministry of Health and chairman of the follow-up committee for the implementation of the Omanisation Policy in the Ministry.

He further stated: “The percentage of Omanisation among consultant physicians was 72 per cent, and among medical doctors 39 per cent, and the percentage was 65 per cent in nursing and medical laboratory jobs. And 94 per cent in pharmacy jobs, 74 per cent in ancillary medical jobs and 100 per cent in the specialties of first-aid, environmental health and safety and sterilisation.”

“The health sector is one of the vital sectors in providing job opportunities for citizens and according to ministry strategic plans for employment, is working to raise the current Omanisation rates gradually in various medical and auxiliary medical specialties. The Ministry also hopes to achieve the desired goal of Omanisation of all jobs in the future by up to 90 per cent, while ensuring that new employees receive appropriate training and benefit from the long experience of old employees,” Al Mandhari added.

The Ministry is currently attracting the Omani Council’s graduates for medical specialties that have been trained, the director general stated.

“On the other hand, during the past year, specifically during the period 1/1/2019 to 31/12/2019, the Ministry appointed 1,262 graduates from the auxiliary medical professions with degrees or diplomas.”

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