How PropEzy is disrupting the proptech sector with innovative solutions
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How PropEzy is disrupting the proptech sector with innovative solutions

How PropEzy is disrupting the proptech sector with innovative solutions

The software platform digitises real-estate operations, while enhancing the customer experience and providing real-time data and insights for better decision-making


Proptech is disrupting and transforming the real estate industry across the globe, and in particular, the UAE, which is seeing a tremendous upsurge in the property sector. As more and more investors consider buying property in the UAE, property technology tools are streamlining processes, eliminating the challenges associated with buying a home or commercial property, and enhancing the experience for agents, brokers and customers alike. Solutions using augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data analytics and blockchain are driving the rise of proptech and the digital transformation of the real estate sector.

A firm that is making its presence felt in this space is EAST-O Holdings. The company is the technology arm of Eltizam Group, the region’s leading physical asset management company and investor in the built asset environment. EAST-O Holdings’ latest venture, PropEzy, has been gaining ground for its innovative propositions that leverage advanced technology to serve the real estate sector’s diverse needs.

A cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform, conceptualised in the UAE, PropEzy facilitates the residential and commercial real estate industry globally to effectively reduce costs and increase return on investment for both asset owners and operators. Describing it as an ‘all-in-one’ solution, Uros Trojanovic, divisional CEO of EAST-O Holdings, says: “PropEzy is a pioneering platform in the industry that provides a consolidated solution to efficiently streamline and lower operational outgoings.

“Our launch partner companies in the UAE supported our research and development phase, enabling us to develop a fine-tuned app with sophisticated features to fully optimise day-to-day business operations.”

Fulfilling a market need
This solution aims to tackle traditional challenges associated with a built environment caused by independent and individual offerings for core activities like leasing, facilities management, customer service and payments. This fragmentation often makes it challenging for property and community managers to provide a seamless end-to-end service
to customers.

“We identified a gap in the market by building a suite of integrated products that ultimately lead to one multi-functional system, bringing together all stakeholders involved in operating  a residential or commercial building,” adds Trojanovic. The initial product suite built out of this partnership comprises three products – PropEzy Community, PropEzy Workplace and PropEzy Property – which can function autonomously, or  as part of an integrated platform.

PropEzy Community, for example, is an efficient and easy-to-use platform to manage customers, finance and community operations. This solution enables an efficient system for payments and a community channel where customers can receive updates, and check and book amenities among other features.

PropEzy Workplace is transforming how employees interact with their workplace. It uses innovative technology to keep employees secure, enabling a seamless and speedy flow of communication across all verticals in an organisation.

PropEzy Property is a platform that manages customer interaction, leasing and related functions. The platform has a digital dashboard that generates periodical reports and analytical data and insights that can support managers with decision making.Customers can access the platform through a mobile app to raise requests, or share feedback.

These features have been successfully received, with more than 55,000 bookings and over 50,000 service requests received since its inception.

In the pipeline
The PropEzy team, which is based out of Abu Dhabi Global Market, is continually innovating the platform’s products & features, with the ultimate aim of creating a building operations super-app.

Trojanovic says, “We have partnered with industry leaders in the IOT, building energy and smart building sectors to jointly develop new products that will deliver greater value to our clients. We hope to be able to make some announcements in this space very soon.”

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