DVCOM to unveil a hyper-converged infrastructure in Gitex Global
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Dubai’s DVCOM to unveil a hyper-converged infrastructure in Gitex Global

Dubai’s DVCOM to unveil a hyper-converged infrastructure in Gitex Global

DVCOM will help business’s achieve a seamlessly collaborative-converged-communication environment using data-voice-video with the HCI model

Zubina Ahmed
Dubai's DVCOM to unveil its most advanced solutions in GITEX Global

A Dubai tech company DVCOM will unveil its latest hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and collaborative communication tools and platforms at the upcoming Gitex Global on October 10.

The company will help small and big businesses at this year’s Gitex Global achieve a seamless collaborative-converged-communication environment using data- voice-video with their HCI model.

DVCOM brings over 20 years of domain expertise in telecommunication solutions having built its foundations on a unique portfolio of product and solutions from different global brands and a widespread network of channel partners.

“There’s no doubt that the way we do our business today has changed already in the wake of Covid and there’s no way we are going back on the tech advancements we have made as a whole community since. And so now is the best time to unleash our portfolio of pioneering technologies to not just upgrade existing meeting room solutions but also provide a platform for cloud-based communications and hybrid workplace solution,”said DVCOM MD Renjan George.

One of DVCOM’ partners in Gitex will be Issquared, a cyber security and cloud infrastructure company. During the five-day event, the California-headquartered firm will also launch Fabulix, a tech solution that is expected to transform the infrastructure with state-of-the art computing, networking, and virtualisation all in one seamless system.

“This hyperconverged infrastructure platform is our answer to autonomous infrastructure as it combines compute, storage, network and virtualization resources in a single easy-to-use system,” stated George while explaining how it provides a cost-effective solution for small and medium size enterprises to meet their most demanding workloads, having been built on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Another debutant expected at this year’s Gitex is the San Diego-based EdTech provider Onescreen. “Our interactive screens and exceptional Guru Support services are well sought after in the education, healthcare and business sectors, and we have many more exciting products that will be showcased at the Gitex event,” said Sufian Munir, CEO of the complete smart school technology provider with expertise in security, video collaboration and AI.

One of the biggest draws for those visiting DVCOM at the region’s largest technology gathering this year will be a unique hands-on experience of Yeastar’s unified communications solutions and products. At the top of it all is the Yeastar Desk Booking and Visitor Management System, another debut at Gitex.

“This will let you discover how this major step orchestrates a truly all-in-one workplace management solution and disrupts the market. We will showcase how a Yeastar Workplace is the right workplace tech for an office of tomorrow, covering every needs – from meeting room bookings and desk bookings to visitor management,” said Prince Cai, VP at Yeastar.

DVCOM conducts in-house trainings and programmes for its partners to keep them abreast of changes in technology and new industry trends, making its partner network one of its biggest strengths. They are a specialist value-added distributor in the Middle East that represents some of the most dynamic ICT vendors and solutions offerings.

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