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Dubai renters now able to apply for holiday home permit

Dubai renters now able to apply for holiday home permit

Rule changes are designed to make the licencing process easier for homeowners and renters

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has updated the emirate’s regulation surrounding holiday homes just two months after it was first issued.

The amendments are designed to make the sector more competitive, with fewer restrictions on property owners and renters.

Among the changes is the removal of a requirement for homeowners to apply for a license through an approved operator.

Tenants that are renting a property will also now be able to apply for a short-term permit to list it provided they submit a no objection certificate from their landlord and it meets specifications.

In addition, both groups will be able to apply for a licence without going through the more detailed process required of operators.

Dubai Tourism said it would upgrade the online licence portal and allow e-commerce payments alongside the rule changes, which are designed to help diversify the emirate’s hospitality offering as it looks to attract 20 million tourists a year by 2020.

“As part of the dialogue with our partners, the industry and providers, we are continuously looking at how to enhance our overall offering to ensure Dubai remains competitive and appeals to an evolving diversity of travellers,” said tourism activities and classification executive director Khaled Bin Touq.

To apply for a licence, homeowners will need to meet standards for quality, amenities, health and safety, community integration, insurance necessities and a code of conduct

Only full accommodation rental will be allowed, with room sharing prohibited, and holiday homes will be regularly inspected.

Properties will be classified as standard or deluxe depending on their amenities.

One aspect the new rules did not detail is the legality of over the top players like property sharing company Airbnb.

A quick glance at the Airbnb website showed more than 300 listings in the emirate, including several individual rooms.


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