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Consultancy firm warned of danger prior to Makkah crane collapse

Consultancy firm warned of danger prior to Makkah crane collapse

Company warned of “serious and unacceptable” risks

An engineering consultancy firm reportedly warned of the risks associated with having numerous cranes around Makkah’s Grand Mosque prior to last year’s deadly collapse.

The collapse of the crane on September 11, 2015 resulted in the deaths of 107 people and injuries to hundreds more.

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Saudi Gazette reports that the warning was contained in a technical report submitted to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution, which is investigating the case.

In the report, the risks posed by the crane were described as “serious and unacceptable” and the lack of supervision during crane operations was criticised.

The company, which was hired by the construction firm undertaking the expansion work Saudi Binladin Group, also highlighted shortcomings in the safety procedures during crane operation and maintenance and claimed many operators were not well qualified.

Ominously, it went on to say that there was a significant possibility a crane could collapse if the situation continued.

“The management of risks is extremely low in the operation of the cranes,” the report said, according to the publication.

Earlier this month, reports suggested the bureau had determined there was no criminal motive in the crane collapse and it had ruled out strong winds prior to the incident as a cause.

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Fourteen people are being tried for their alleged involvement and an independent lawsuit is being brought against an individual who fled the kingdom.

The investigation has so far included testimony from representatives of a number of government bodies involved in the project.

Around 80 engineers and officials have also been investigated.

Saudi Binladin Group has reportedly said it would cover the costs of repairing any damage to the mosque area.

Shortly after the collapse, the group was suspended from government projects.

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