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Tencent Cloud has expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat protection, gaming and XR

Divsha Bhat
Tencent Cloud, a next-gen esports chess and broadcasting platform, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, to promote chess as an esport.

Checkmate is the latest initiative by VADR Media, focusing on producing and broadcasting XR linear and online chess tournaments for a new generation of players.

A cloud-based platform, Checkmate leverages technology to provide players the opportunity to compete for cash prizes, credits and collectables.

Tencent Cloud has expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat protection, gaming and XR.

Driven by a common vision

Both firms share a unified vision where the convergence of media and technology can be harnessed to level up the realm of competitive play, broadcasting, and chess – one of the world’s largest sports and the next big thing in esports.

Checkmate will use many of Tencent Cloud’s services, ranging from cloud infrastructure to its recently launched metaverse-in-a-box offerings to optimise its platform. At the same time, the two parties have agreed on a range of future collaborations to accelerate the game.

“From providing the best hyperscale infrastructure to creating a one-stop shop for cloud solutions, we aim to support the global esports and Metaverse community to adopt critical technologies to drive deeper connections between the virtual and real worlds,” said Leo Li, vice president, Tencent Cloud International.

“It’s fair to say we’re delighted This will be an exciting era for the world of chess; Tencent and Tencent Cloud, have years of experience in the fields of gaming, media and cloud services. Their technical prowess and global footprint accelerate our shared vision. This capability, combined with the rapid acceleration of AI, has unlocked new opportunities for broadcasters to engage and immerse players and fans.”, said John McRae, managing director of VADR Media.

Partnership announced in Abu Dhabi

The partnership was announced at the conclusion of the Inaugural Asian Chess Federation Summit in Abu Dhabi, where McRae was invited as the keynote speaker.

The Asian Chess Federation recently announced its strategic partnership with Checkmate as exclusive online data, broadcast and tournament platform.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahayan, a member of the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family, is president of The Asian Chess Federation. During the opening of the summit, Sheikh Sultan said: “I am particularly delighted to welcome John McRae, who will guide us through our journey into the digital world with integrity.

“As we navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of technology and digital innovation, Mr McRae’s expertise will be invaluable in helping us to leverage the power of technology while staying true to the values of sportsmanship and fair play that lie at the heart of our game.”

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