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Airport ‘smart tunnels’ to speed up passport control

Airport ‘smart tunnels’ to speed up passport control

Facial recognition technology would allow passengers to go through in just 15 seconds

Dubai Airports has announced plans to speed up the movement of passengers, with new ‘smart tunnels’ expected to reduce passport control procedures to just 15 seconds.

Exhibiting their plans at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, officials of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) showed how the biometric system would work, with passengers simply walking through a tunnel that uses facial recognition technology to complete entry procedure.

The GDRFA is working with Emirates airline on the Smart Tunnel project as part of the Government Accelerators programme.

The next system would require passengers to stand in front of the tunnel before walking through, to allow the facial recognition technology to work. No passport stamping or human intervention would be needed in a typical case.

No timeframe was given for the launch of the project, according to the assistant general of smart services at GDRFA-Dubai, Major Khalid Al Felasi.


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