Why modernising the workplace is key in the UAE Why modernising the workplace is key in the UAE
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Why modernising the workplace is key in the UAE

Why modernising the workplace is key in the UAE

Xerox is looking at sustainability and security as it looks to support the shift to digital, says Raed Hmoud, head of digital services at Xerox Emirates

Raed Hmoud, Head of Digital Services, Xerox

Can you elaborate on Xerox’s digital transformation efforts?

For over a decade, Xerox has been evolving its technology, solutions and partnerships to ensure that they optimise and add value to all areas of a customer’s business. This includes innovation, customer experience, sustainability, digital workplace, automation, cloud and mobile services.

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is reducing paper-based transactions, managing unstructured content and data whilst eliminating inefficiencies.

Xerox Emirates helps customers overcome this by transforming manual processes into the digital space, eliminating paperwork, creating a central information repository and integrating with core business applications, leading to a seamless work environment and productivity.

At Xerox Emirates, we are always adopting the latest technology and solutions allowing us to transition towards a paperless end user experience, with one of the latest projects being digital delivery notes.

With the shift to a remote workforce, organisations are looking for ways to stay connected with their employees. How is Xerox helping businesses adapt to the ‘new norm’? What are your technology innovations in this space?

With the shift to a remote workforce, Xerox offers various apps and tools enabling instant access to files and team collaboration. Xerox Mobile solutions have made it easy to communicate, connect and work securely at any time and from anywhere. Cloud-ready printers like Xerox ConnectKey enable customers to download, share, print, scan, distribute and also translate documents on the go from anywhere, via laptop, tablet or smart phone.

We have also successfully enabled organisations with robust content and business process management solutions to access unstructured content, specialised services to map, re-engineer and automate the paper-based processes. Xerox Emirates also provides advanced analytical tools, cloud-enabled document capture workflow and enterprise content management platforms to help businesses.

How environment friendly are the solutions offered by Xerox?

Our products, services and processes advance our sustainability efforts by delivering social, financial and environmental benefits. We do this in our own operations, as well as in workplaces, communities and cities around the world. We are constantly thinking about how we can simplify work, deliver more personalised experiences, and improve productivity through new technologies. With goals to reduce environmental impact across our value chain, we invest in innovative solutions that can conserve natural resources and lower the energy intensity of our operations.

How does Xerox help small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)? What tools do you offer in particular to enhance workflow, digitisation and employee productivity?

To keep business flowing, companies spend time on manual processes like sharing, annotating, storing, securing documents and data. New software such as Xerox digital alternatives and Xerox DocuShare productivity solutions improve office efficiency by automating document processing. This is a great fit for SMEs, which can help them digitise, automate and simplify paper-based processes, on-site or in the cloud.

Another unique offering is Signiflow digital signature that helps SME customers move into the digital space with affordable solutions. SigniFlow is approved by the TRA for use in the UAE, and enables new productivity for all signatories, regardless of where they are working.

Security is critical to every business. How does Xerox help protect an organisation’s data? How secure are your solutions?

We equip printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) with several secure features to protect an organisation’s sensitive data.

Our software and apps ensure data is safeguarded when shared via the cloud and mobile devices. Managed print services are just one of the many ways Xerox deliver document security expertise to our customers. Our partnership with McAfee helps Xerox meet its customers’ security needs.

All Xerox products, software solutions are built with the highest security in mind such as Xerox intelligent workplace services that transform printers from endpoint risks to security assets, or Xerox capture and content services that digitise physical archives, capture critical data and provide access only to authorised users.

Xerox has a complete automated approach to digital transformation, with customers across all verticals. It’s the breadth of the Xerox offering that differentiates it from the rest of the market.

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