A week in the life of... Aniysha Seyfferdt, agency director, Panache XPRNC | UAE News A week in the life of... Aniysha Seyfferdt, agency director, Panache XPRNC | UAE News
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A week in the life of… Aniysha Seyfferdt, agency director, Panache XPRNC

A week in the life of… Aniysha Seyfferdt, agency director, Panache XPRNC

Seyfferdt details her week managing corporate events and unwinding by walking the dogs



I wake up at 6am with a power stretch and meditation to help stay focused and motivated for the week ahead. When I reach work I clear out my emails and plan for the coming days. Our team specialises in corporate events and activations, and most of our events take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday. So every Sunday I sit with my team and run through the upcoming events and their status. Our meeting discussions range from the latest RSVP counts to seeing if the design team has the client’s brand on all venue fabrications and the quality control of the fabrication produced. Sundays are also when I have a management meeting where we discuss monthly and quarterly targets.

When I head home I walk my three beautiful dogs: Woody, Buzz and Troy, which I find extremely therapeutic. After that, my husband, 16-year old son and I have an early family dinner together. I then wind down with some me-time – a book and cup of tea.


Monday is typically my longest workday, so I like to start it with an intense kickboxing class at 6am. I notice that working out every day helps me feel energised and ready to take on what I have ahead for the day. I meet my clients in the morning with my team to inspect the venue for a large-scale event planned for Tuesday. This involves a walk-through of branding and event timeline finalisation.

Immediately after that my team coordinates with our venue and partners to relay the setup requirements including audio-visuals, lighting, production and design. The rest of my day includes last minute planning and business development meetings before I go back home in the evening to spend some quality time with the family.

Work starts again later, however. Venues give us access after midnight and that’s when we develop the entire event. We haul in furniture, fabrication, stage production and AV equipment. I am very hands-on so I drop by to see if everything is under control. This can take as long as 24 hours depending on how elaborate the event is, but we try and wrap it up by 3am or 4am.


It’s the day of the event, so the team and I get there three hours before it starts. I see if everything is according to brief and oversee the event run-through. Some of the things I supervise include the sound check and whether the giveaway bags are packed, but most importantly I look for opportunities to enhance the event. Whether it’s adding an additional feature or decoration, the idea is to bring additional value to the event and client. I also oversee the team briefing and ensure that on ground responsibilities have been assigned and support staff are directed.

After completing the formalities at the venue and ensuring that the client is happy I head back to the office, leaving the team to manage the rest of the event. I start planning and preparing the following week’s events. We have an activation at the weekend so I check that everything is in order before spending my evening at a circuit training class.


My morning is busy, with meetings outside of the office including a site visit, menu tasting, AVl inspection and client meetings. I spend the rest of my day developing new business proposals and spend time with the team on conceptualising all the creative and technical elements from design to production. In the evening I join my monthly book club to discover some new best-selling authors.


I start off my day efficiently checking off any pending items on my mental checklist. I ensure everything is on track for the weekend activation, as well as the following week’s events. I also spend some time exploring new venues, attending events around the city to see what’s trending and networking with industry professionals. We also have our traditional team lunch where we brainstorm and discuss things outside the office. I then enjoy a quiet night with friends over
a movie.


I normally avoid working at the weekend, but today there is an activation so I call and check if everything is set. I spend Fridays with my family and go out for breakfast followed by rugby. In the evening, we like to try out new things happening around the city. As today is my son’s birthday we decide to try Dinner in the Sky.


I like to think of Saturday as my day to focus on the new skill I’m currently learning. A few years ago I focused on rock climbing and golfing and this year it’s stand-up paddling. So after a late family brunch I head out to paddle on the beach. I spend the evening preparing for the week ahead and enjoy an intimate barbeque at home.


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