Vivo launches global mobile photography competition
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Vivo launches global mobile photography competition

Vivo launches global mobile photography competition

Winners to be entered in international photography competitions


Smartphone brand Vivo is partnering with National Geographic to launch a global mobile photography competition, the VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards.

Smartphone users from all over the world will be invited to showcase their photography skills, with winning entries submitted for international photography awards. World-renowned photographers such as Steve McCurry and Michael Halsband will be invited to take part alongside amateur photographers.

Vivo is also launching the VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy, a public photography education initiative, providing an artistic and cultural exchange platform for the masses. At the Academy, photography enthusiasts will learn the ins and outs of mobile photography.

The VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy will invite world-class photographers to teach classes to Vivo users and photography enthusiasts. Photographer Xiao Quan, who attended the VISION+ launch event, is one of the participants in this program. The company will also conduct the VISION+ Master Class, providing a cultural exchange platform for photographers and users. Vivo will also launch a youth training camp, the VISION+ Youth Program, for aspiring photographers in colleges and universities.

Vivo continues to invest in mobile photography technology in its phones. This has translated into Vivo’s offerings such as the world’s first pop-up front camera featured in Vivo NEX, or the Gimbal Camera System of the Vivo X50 series and the use of the 50MP GN1 sensor.

Vivo ultimately wants to form a new visual content ecosystem through initiatives including content co-creation, education and cultural exchanges, wrapped in the VISION+ strategy.

“We aspire to give more people tools of visual self-expression and the opportunity to document highlights in their lives. We hope to collaborate on more authentic and personalized content with creators to illustrate our brand culture. These initiatives are an opportunity to educate users on our technological advancements and visual aesthetic exploration,” said Michael Chang, Vivo’s general manager of Branding.

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