US Embassy In Saudi Reopens After Week-Long Closure

Consular operations in Saudi Arabia were first suspended last week over heightened security concerns.

The US embassy office in Saudi Arabia reopened on Sunday after a week-long shutdown, local media reported.

US Embassy Spokesman Stewart Wright confirmed the resumption of consular services across embassy offices in the Kingdom, Arab News reported.

However, the embassy has encouraged all US citizens to consider potential risks prior to travelling to the country and has urged those in the country to limit unwanted travel.

Consular operations in Saudi Arabia were first suspended last week for two days over heightened security concerns. It followed a warning to all western oil workers in the Kingdom about potential attacks or kidnappings from militant groups.

The embassy closure was extended throughout the week over security concerns, officials clarified.

Although the US did not identify the group posing security threats, internal tensions have grown in the Kingdom ever since the US led coalition began airstrikes against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

There have been a number of attacks against western workers last year, much like in 2003 when US citizens were at a risk from Al Qaeda.

In October 2014, a US citizen was shot dead while another was wounded in Riyadh. Following that, a citizen of Denmark was shot and wounded in the capital while a Canadian was stabbed in Dhahran.

However, the government confirmed a terrorist link only in the Danish national’s case where authorities said that the attack was carried out “in support of ISIL”.

Most recently, ISIL has all issued a call to its supporters in the US to kill 100 American military members, whose names were publicised by the group.