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UAE Transport And Public Sector Most Targeted by Spam, Malware In 2013

UAE Transport And Public Sector Most Targeted by Spam, Malware In 2013

Two thirds of UAE companies were targeted with spam in 2013.

The transport and public sectors were the two most targeted industries for both spam and malware in the UAE last year, according to an industry report.

Around 74 per cent of transport businesses and 72.8 per cent of public sector businesses were targets of spam in 2013, while one in 122 transport businesses and one in 128.6 public sector businesses were attacked by malware, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2014.

One in 316.1 UAE companies were targets of malware last year, with one in 4,156.2 targets of phishing and 65.9 per cent targeted by spam.

Companies sized between 1001 and 1500 employees were found to experience the most spam last year, at 70.7 per cent, closely followed by 251 to 500 employee organisations at 70.5 per cent.

Those sized between one and 250 employees were the most common target of phishing at one in 2,858.5, and 251 to 500 employee companies were the most common target of malware at one in 147.4.

Those in the one to 250 bracket also experienced the vast majority of spear phishing/targeted attacks at 94.92 per cent.

Overall the UAE’s rank for malicious code fell to 29 in 2013 from 26 in 2012, while its rank for spam rose from 59 to 50 last year.

The emirates’ rank for phishing hosts also fell significantly from 51 in 2012 to 79 in 2013, with finance, insurance and real estate the most targeted by attacks, at 41.36 per cent.


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