UAE targets 1,500 Emirati jobs in banking, finance sectors

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has set a deadline of 100 days to meet the target

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced the launch of an initiative in partnership with the central bank to boost the employment of Emiratis in the banking and finance sectors.

The ministry said the ‘qualitative resettlement’ scheme followed a similar plan targeting the aviation, transport, communications, technology, real estate and service centre sectors, which created more than 5,740 jobs – exceeding its target by 47 per cent.

Earlier in the year, it asked 2,000 companies to prioritise the hiring of Emiratis over foreigners with the goal of creating 15,000 private sector jobs for UAE nationals in 2018 compared to 6,862 last year.

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The latest initiative aims to help companies in the sector meet their Emiratisation targets by providing about 1,500 jobs in banking and finance to citizens within 100 days.

“The release of accelerators in the financial and banking sector is part of the ministry’s continuing effort to implement one of its new methodologies to deal with the settlement file by speeding up the quality of settlement and direct employment in economic sectors,” said minister of human resources Nasser bin Thani al-Hamli.

Recruitment days for Emiratis interested in the banking and finance sectors will be held from Tuesday at the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, with further dates planned at locations across the UAE.

The ministry allows job seekers to choose three career opportunities from a list of available vacancies and then prepares them for a job interview.

In May, it tightened oversight of Emiratis in the private sector including new conditions for terminating employees.

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