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UAE Spa Industry Tops $10bn

UAE Spa Industry Tops $10bn

The region has witnessed a growing shift towards the wellness experience.

The UAE boasts the largest spa market in the world, with an estimated value of $10 billion in 2011, said Noemi Petit, the director of Piscine Middle East, the country’s first swimming pool conference.

“The region has witnessed a massive shift towards the well-being experience, expanding on an established market for pool and spa equipment and facilities. The UAE itself has become a phenomenon for the sector,” she added.

Organised by GL Events exhibitions, the Piscine Middle East show will showcase swimming pools, spa products and services from the global pool industry to buyers and suppliers between 22-25 April at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

“In the GCC, it is very important for a hotel to have a pool. The addition of a pool makes a huge difference for a tourist, especially when it is hot. For this reason, the GCC swimming pool market has increased strongly in many countries since the 1970s,” said Petit.

“The GCC began its swimming pool development 30 years ago owing to its favourable climate, and its wealth ensues that tourism will go on developing. I am sure that this market will keep growing, even through existing pool maintenance,” Petit added.


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