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UAE reports 557 new Covid-19 cases; Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center receives patent for breakthrough treatment

UAE reports 557 new Covid-19 cases; Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center receives patent for breakthrough treatment

All the 73 patients who underwent the stem cells treatment have now recovered from the virus

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 557 new Covid-19 cases in the country on Friday.

It followed over 26,000 tests conducted particularly among those who had prior contact with infected individuals.

The total number of infections has now risen to 13,038.

The ministry added that there were 6 more deaths recorded as a result of the virus, all of whom suffered from other chronic diseases, therefore taking the overall number of fatalities up to 111.

There were also 114 recoveries reported in the country, and as a result a total of 2,543 people have thus far recovered from the virus.

In a related development, the UAE’s Ministry of Economy granted a patent for a new treatment developed by doctors and researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC), reported official news agency WAM.

This Covid-19 treatment requires stem cells to be extracted from a patient’s blood and then reintroduced after it has been activated.

The team at the ADSCC, a specialist healthcare centre that focuses on cell therapy, regenerative medicine and research on stem cells, received their patent for the method used to collect these stem cells.

This treatment has reportedly been implemented on 73 Covid-19 patients. All of them were successfully cured of the virus by inhaling the treatment into their lungs after it was nebulized into a fine mist.

It is believed to have a therapeutic effect by regenerating lung cells and modulating the immune response to keep it from overreacting to the Covid-19 infection and causing further damage to healthy cells.

None of the 73 patients have reported immediate adverse effects.

The treatment has successfully undergone the initial phase of clinical trials, and further trials to demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment are ongoing and are expected to be completed in a couple of weeks.

This stem cell treatment is being administered alongside conventional medical intervention and will continue to be applied as an adjunct to established treatment protocols, rather than as a replacement.

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