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UAE provides $581.5m in aid to Syrian refugees

UAE provides $581.5m in aid to Syrian refugees

The sum is split between food aid, multi-sector aid, shelter, health and support services

The United Arab Emirates has provided $581.5m to date in humanitarian aid to Syria.

The sum is split between food aid (29 per cent), multi-sector aid (26 per cent), shelter and non-food items (15 per cent), health services and support (14 per cent) and coordination and support services (11 per cent).

The country has also distributed aid via international vehicles, including: the United Nations World Food Programme ($38m), International Rescue Committee ($2m) United Nations ($6m) and Syria Recovery Trust Fund ($15m).

In Jordan, the UAE funds 6,437 Syrian refugees in the Mrajib Al Fhood Camp, at a total cost of $53.5m, and has setup a joint Emirati-Jordanian field Hospital in Al Mafraq that has completed 482,801 treatments.

A total of 242,324 Syrians are resident in the UAE, with 101,364 additions since 2011. There are 17,378 Syrian students in the country and 6,078 new Syrian investors.

The Emirates is a co-lead of the Friends of Syria Early Economic Recovery Working Group, the Working Group on Stabilisation and the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh.


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