UAE plans for 'final stage of recovery' from the Covid crisis - officials
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UAE plans for ‘final stage of recovery’ from the Covid crisis – officials

UAE plans for ‘final stage of recovery’ from the Covid crisis – officials

Officials urge the public to adhere to precautionary measures to ensure the UAE reaches the recovery stage


The UAE is currently planning a path to reach the “final stages of recovery” from the Covid-19 crisis, with the public urged to co-operate with authorities to control the spread of the virus.

“The Covid-19 crisis has been a real test for the countries of the world. The UAE was able to control the situation by stimulating its efforts and capabilities, and this has led to the UAE entering the planning stage for recovery,” Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesman for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) said in a briefing on Tuesday.

“Many sectors have been affected by the pandemic, but the actions of the UAE government have managed to contain the situation and reach the stage of a safe return to normal life,” a statement on Twitter said.

While Al Dhaheri highlighted that the health services sector, the economy, tourism, education and aviation were among industries hit hard by the crisis, he also praised the efforts taken by various sectors with regards to volunteering and community participation.

“The technical sector has helped by introducing new services and capabilities, including providing smart applications that help with shopping from home. In addition, the telecoms sector has helped by providing the means of video communication to help with remote working and distance learning. The entertainment sector has helped by providing free programmes, allowing people to watch movies and shows without additional fees, and the banking and business sector helped by allowing services to be carried out electronically,” he said.

While the “steps to succeed in overcoming the crisis have begun and the UAE is on the right path”, a plan must be followed in order to reach the final stage of recovery, he stressed.

“Recovery means overcoming the damage and effect of crises and disasters in all areas in order to reach a new normal life and adapt to changes,” the statement added.

Al Dhaheri also urged the public to continue taking precautionary measures to ensure that the recovery action plan can be implemented.

“Figures and statistics indicate that the UAE is taking sound steps to overcome the global health crisis. This does not mean that people should be lax in following precautionary and preventive measures; the success of the planning stage for recovery is largely dependent on society,” he said.

“One of the duties of individuals is to continue to commit to preventive measures as the responsibility rests with everyone.

“We look forward to successfully moving beyond the planning stage for recovery, which is an important step that highlights the country’s efficiency and readiness to ensure a safe, gradual return to normal life,” he added.

The UAE reported 1,096 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, taking the total case count in the country to 144,385.

The health ministry also confirmed 742 recoveries and three deaths.

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