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UAE leaders call on public to vote for new logo

UAE leaders call on public to vote for new logo

The UAE has pledged to plant one tree for every vote received

Sheikh Mohammed

The UAE has initiated a public vote to decide on its new brand logo, its leaders announced on Tuesday.

Voters can select from three logos that 49 Emirati artists from the seven emirates have recently participated in designing, in response to the project launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in November.

They had called on artists to come together to design the UAE Nation Brand logo that will represent the country in the region and abroad.

People can vote via the website and for every vote, the UAE will plant a tree, with the goal to plant millions of trees across the world, official news agency WAM reported.

Grouped into seven teams, the 49 Emirati artists, sculptors, painters, calligraphers, authors, researchers and graphic designers worked together on designing the national logos in a one-day workshop.

The three logos revolve around seven key values of the UAE: giving, openness, innovation, tolerance, credibility, humility and futuristic vision.

The three options include “Emirates in Calligraphy”, “The Palm” and “7 Lines”.

The first logo uses Arabic calligraphy to portray aspects of the UAE while the palm tree represents the national identity of the country.

The third logo pays tribute to the seven leaders who united the country.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: “The UAE is approaching a new phase that requires us to connect with the world differently. The UAE Nation Brand will share our inspiring story with the rest of the world.

“Everyone contributed to our country’s success story, and we invite everyone to be part of choosing the best logo that represents our story.”

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed added: “Involving the public across the world in choosing the logo that represents the UAE is an important step.

“The voting process is of particular significance as it corresponds to the announcement of ‘2020: Towards the Next 50’ that marks the new journey of the UAE development. The selected logo will be the symbol of a nation that strives to be among the best in the world within 100 years of its inception,” he added.


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