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UAE Health Sector In Top 20

UAE Health Sector In Top 20

The United Arab Emirates has secured a top 20 world spot for spending per capita in the health sector.


The UAE’s health sector has consolidated its position as one of the world’s top 20 in terms of spending per capita.

The average spending of $1,200 per person per year is high by international standards, and it is envisaged that this will set off a chain reaction that will yield benefits for the local health fraternity.

Among the benefits is the fact that increased spending by patients gives hospitals the financial clout to attract the world’s sharpest medical talents.

“This is a massive vote of confidence by patients, because they are voting with their pockets to show their confidence in local healthcare finesse and standards,” said Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Saudi German Hospital-Dubai.

“At Saudi German Hospital-Dubai we have imported the very best assets – both in human and machinery terms. This gives our patients the best of both worlds. Now patients no longer have to wander across the world: we have brought the world to them.”

Another facet of increased spending is that institutions can now afford to equip their departments and wards with state of the art apparatus.

The net result is that rather than opt to make expeditions for treatments in the US and Europe, UAE patients now prefer to get treated locally.

The UAE’s increased spending per capita is geared to set off an ever-widening spiral of increased benefits: increased spending by patients ignites increased upgrades of equipment and personnel at hospitals, which in turn attracts investors to fund new facilities and innovations – which in turn stimulates growth in the health sector and the economy as a whole.

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