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UAE car rental firm Massar launches pay as you drive app

UAE car rental firm Massar launches pay as you drive app

New smart car app, available on Android and iOS, lets drivers pay only for the number of kilometres they use

Abu Dhabi-based car rental firm Massar Solutions has launched its new ‘PayPerKay’ mobile application, which allows drivers to pay for their hired vehicle as per the number of kilometres used.

Available on Android and iOS, the app allows people to buy “bundles” of kilometres upon renting a car and then to keep track and top them up as they go after signing an initial agreement.

Once subscribed, users will be given a free allowance of 1,000kms for each month and any unused kilometres can be then rolled over to the following month.

The app is available on Samsung, Apple, HTC and Lenovo devices while Blackberry and Windows phone users can access their account on a web browser.

In terms of vehicles, the PayPerKay service will only be available on the Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler range initially, but customers will be able to request other makes and models online.

The most expensive of the cars on offer, a Chrysler 300 3C, will cost drivers Dhs 4392 per month for the rental fee and then an additional Dhs 228 per 1,000 kilometres.

General manager of Massar Solutions Kevin Sheepwash said: “With PayPerKay, customers only pay for what they use. In contrast, with regular car leasing options, you pay a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometres you drive.

“It allows the customers to be fully in control of the whole process, from choosing the cars make, latest model and specifications to the cost of their car usage.”

Chief executive of Massar Solutions  Paul Greewood said: “The UAE’s car leasing sector has grown significantly in recent years. This makes it even more important to offer all car users the best available service and one which gives them proper choice and proper value for money.

“We are confident that PayPerKay will transform the country’s car leasing business and give consumers a welcome degree of control and flexibility.  We will continue to move forward with more innovative solutions as we have always done.”

Massar Solutions, which is the only firm to be part of the international franchise Payless Car Rental in the UAE, has more than 9,000 vehicles under its operation and manages a further 6,755  for third party clients.


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