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UAE Announces Nov 15 Holiday For Private Sector

UAE Announces Nov 15 Holiday For Private Sector

Employees in the private sector will get one- day off to mark the Islamic New Year.

Private sector employees in the UAE will get an official paid holiday on Thursday, November 15, to celebrate the new Hijri year 1434, according to a circular issued by the country’s Minister of Labour, Saqr Gobash, reports official news agency WAM.

“The one-day break is given to the private sector workers in virtue of article (74) of the federal labour law (8)/1980 on work relations and its amendments,” said the report.

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Human Resources has also announced that all the ministerial and federal bodies will get a holiday on November 15 on the occasion of the Islamic New Year.

Work will resume on Sunday, November 18.


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