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Two things your office pantry must have

Two things your office pantry must have

Transforming your pantry can improve employee performance, says Tim Garrett

Many companies have a pantry for their team and it is often filled with junk that causes a blood sugar rollercoaster, fatigue and an ill temper for your number one asset – your team members.

A typical pantry is filled with food that is not really food. You see many things that take more away from the body than they give; offering only notorious vitamins, minerals and macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein). These are called displacement foods; those that are low in nutrition that take calories to digest, assimilate, detoxify and dispel. They are exactly the type of foods that can lead to cancer and degenerative diseases.

To give you a parallel example, cows fed a diet of straw die quicker than cows fed nothing at all.

Let us break that down. What is actually happening when you eat food like this is that you are killing your body a little each time because you are not supplying it with the nutrients it needs. Therefore you have to destroy muscle tissue to supply your body with glucose, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Rather than take this route, there are two huge, possibly life transforming tips that I would strongly recommend.

Supply readily grated carrot

Grated carrots in kitchen bowl.

A carrot salad, while seemingly quite normal, is one of the best things you can eat, especially if you have a hormone imbalance or digestive distress. In fact if you suffer from any energy related symptom.

You might think ‘that’s not me’, but 60 to 70 per cent of the people we meet on our corporate wellness programmes for the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates have a hormone imbalance and/or digestive distress. They just do not know what to look for.

I recommend a grated carrot salad to everyone I meet for the first time as too many people have problems with endotoxins; the build of toxins that accumulate in the gut.

To explain further, the indigestible fibres in raw carrot are carried through the whole of the digestive system. On their way through these indigestible fibres bind toxins and circulating hormones like estrogen and pass them out of the body. You’d be surprised how many people have too high levels of circulating hormones and therefore are more likely to suffer from a hormone imbalance.

The other incredible thing about raw grated carrots is their extremely strong and effective natural antibiotic properties. The environment they live in demands that they have this protection mechanism and it is a wonderful way to clean the gut. The indigestible fibres carry these antibiotics through the gut which does the cleaning on the way.

It is important to note that you should not cook or juice the carrots as this destroys their fibres and releases the carcinogenic carotene.

Provide an orange juice machine

Squeezer, oranges and freshly sqeezed orange juice, close-up

The other thing to include is an orange juice machine. You need to make it as easy as possible for your team to drink so get the machine that does it all for them.

There are huge benefits of orange juice and it is easy to dispel the common myth that orange juice is too sugary for the body, causing an insulin spike that is dangerous. When you look into the true science, this claim does not stand up. The potassium that is found in high amounts of orange juice has been studied over and over again and found to be stronger than insulin when it comes to enabling your cells to use the sugar. It therefore does not cause an insulin spike at all.

By drinking more orange juice, your team will be taking in easily-usable sugar that helps them develop a good hormone balance, deal with stress adequately and safeguard them against cell breakdown. You will see a big leap in their quality of life, mental outlook, productivity and focus.

Tim Garrett is the founder of Corporate Wellness Co.


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