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Two South Africans arrested in Dubai for Gupta video

Two South Africans arrested in Dubai for Gupta video

A woman was arrested with the men but later released

Two South African workers have been arrested in Dubai for posting a video of controversial businessman Ajay Gupta online, according to reports

Gulf News said the local police force confirmed the arrest of the two men for breaching Gupta’s privacy.

Reports in the South African media in recent days had suggested the two were arrested then released after Gupta himself opened the case against them.

Dubai Police appeared to indicate they were still in custody.

In the video, 39-year-old Justin van Pletzen is seen asking Gupta, who has been embroiled in a corruption scandal in South Africa, if he would return to the country.

Gupta responded that it was up to South African authorities to respond. “The day they give a reply, I’ll go there,” he said.

Pletzen alleged in the upload that Gupta was living a life of luxury in Dubai despite being a fugitive in South Africa.

Dubai Police director of Rafaa police station, brigadier Ahmad Bin Gulaitha, told Gulf News that officers arrested two men and a woman who stopped Gupta and took videos of him next to his luxury car.

“They posted the video without his approval and claimed that he is a scam artist and wanted in his country. We don’t have any international arrest warrant for the South African businessman,” Gulaitha was quoted as saying.

He said the group had breached Gupta’s privacy by posting the video on social media and confirmed the businessman himself had made an official complaint.

“The woman was cleared and the two men were referred to public prosecution after charging them with luring the victim to be filmed with them in front of his car and then uploading the clip on social media and posting defamatory comments.”

It is illegal to take pictures of an individual or film them without permission in the UAE.

Even recording a fight or crime taking place and posting it online can land the uploader in trouble under the country’s cyber crime law.

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South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit is seizing Gupta family assets in relation to a number of criminal cases, according to reports.

The seizures are part of a wider scandal involving accusations that the family used its relationship with former President Jacob Zuma to influence political appointments and secure state contracts.

Zuma resigned in February following pressure from within his ANC party. The scandal has also embroiled consultancy firm McKinsey and brought down UK public relations company Bell Pottinger last year.


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