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Top Ten Salaries in Qatar

Top Ten Salaries in Qatar

Qatari salaries witnessed the highest increases as the tiny Emir state embarks on a rapid development plan ahead of the World Cup 2022.

Gulf Business calculated the average salary across the region for Western, Asian and Arab expats across different sectors in the six GCC countries. Here are the results for Qatar:

1. Human Resources – Qatar’s HR managers have seen their monthly wages leap by 29 per cent in the last year, from $9,806 in 2011 to around $12,680.

2. Sales/ Marketing – On average, an expatriate sales/marketing head at a multinational or local company takes home around $12,451 per month, up from last year’s monthly compensation of $11,419.

3. Construction – The wages of a construction project manager or a chief engineer in Qatar are lower than his counterparts in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and amount to roughly $11,985 per month. The salary marks a six per cent increase from 2011.

4. Banking– There has been a 7.6 per cent rise in the average salary earned by a branch manager, a treasury manager and a retail/personal banking manager in Qatar. The monthly compensation has gone up from $10,766 in 2011 to around $11584.8 this year.

5. Information Technology – An IT head in Qatar earns almost the same as his counterpart in Saudi Arabia, making approximately $11,413 per month. The amount marks a 9.8 per cent increase over last year.

“From an HR perspective, Qatar is where the UAE was pre-2008: prepared to pay top dollar for professionals,” says Christo Daniels, managing director of recruiter Morgan McKinley.

6. Real Estate– Similar to other sectors in Qatar, a real estate manager’s monthly compensation has also gone up, from $8354 last year to around $10,504, an increase of over 25 per cent.

7. Public Relations– With a 27 per cent year-on-year rise in salary, PR directors in Qatar currently take home around $10428 per month.

8. Advertising– An expatriate advertising creative director in Qatar saw the biggest hike in monthly compensation, with salary increasing 31.6 per cent from $7572 in 2011 to approximately $9,968 this year.

9. Hospitality–A hotel manager in the country takes home approximately $9282 per month, up from $8,936 per month last year.

10. Publishing– Despite witnessing a yearly hike of more than 28 per cent in their average monthly wages, publishing editors in Qatar are still placed at the bottom of the list with a salary of around $8,049.

Gulf Business calculated the average salary across the region for Western, Asian and Arab expats across different sectors in the six GCC countries, according to data from BAC Middle East,, Charterhouse Partnership, Morgan McKinley and Nadia.

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