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Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Gulf Business rounds up some of the most popular resolutions that people make at the start of every year.


2013 is here and as with the start of every New Year, the majority of us tenaciously lay down our resolutions for the next 12 months. While most of the excitement (invariably) fizzles out by the end of January, here are some of the most common resolutions that rise again every year.

1. Spend more time with family

This is almost a daily/weekly/monthly resolution for most of us, as heavy workloads and countless other mundane things swallow up most of our time.

2. Lose weight

With obesity on the rise thanks to junk food and sedentary lifestyles, losing the bulge is currently the top priority for many people.

3. Get out of debt

Credit card debts are easy to accumulate and extremely hard to pay up. So getting out of debt is certainly a wise move for future financial stability.

4. Quit smoking

A regular resolution for smokers, quitting the unhealthy addiction is easier said than done.

5. Get fit

Apart from just losing weight, for many, it’s a matter of incorporating regular exercise and a balanced diet in their lives.

6. Travel more

With regional airlines flying to most part of the globe, the world has become a smaller place and deserves to be explored.

7. Jump into the career of your choice

While it may be a risk, you just have to take the leap and do the job you have always wanted and dreamed of doing.

8. Get organised

Putting in place schedules, compiling bills and prioritising work is a great way to ensure that things get done in time.

9. Learn a new hobby

Origami, swimming or yacht racing – learning a new hobby is creative, fun and a good stress-buster.

10. Enjoy life

Relax, unwind and enjoy life before the next year comes.


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