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Top 10 most ‘intimate’ consumer goods brands in the UAE

Top 10 most ‘intimate’ consumer goods brands in the UAE

International brands top the list

A new study looking at the UAE’s most ‘intimate’ consumer goods brands found that international brands top the list.

The report by agency MBLM looked at the brands that have the strongest bond with consumers in the country.

International firms Kraft and Nestle topped the list, although local and regional brands also featured high.

However, the study also found that consumers are willing to pay 20 per cent more for products from region brands Americana and Almarai.

“Indulgence” was the main driving factor for people to form emotional connections with their favourite brands, with most consumers seeking brands that gratify and pamper them, the study said.

It also highlighted ‘identity,’ as another bonding factor, suggesting that consumers connect with a brand’s ideas or values to the point where they identify with it as a symbolic part of their own personality.

Jae Hwang, partner at MBLM, said: “As marketers, we cannot underestimate the power of emotions. They drive everything we do – from the people we choose to spend time with to the packages we pick off the grocery store’s shelves.

“And because people pay attention to numbers, it’s important to note that in the last 10 years, brands with higher intimacy have outperformed less intimate brands in both revenue and profit growth.”

Top 10 Most Intimate Consumer Goods Brands in the UAE
(Brand intimacy quotient in brackets)

1. Kraft (47.1)

2. Nestlé (46.9)

3. Americana (34.9)

4. Almarai (32.4)

5. Patchi (32.3)

6. London Dairy (31.7)

7. Al Ain (31.4)

8. Lays (29.5)

9. Sadia (22.0)

10. Marmum (19.7)


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