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Revealed: Top 10 Companies In The UAE

Revealed: Top 10 Companies In The UAE

The biggest businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Government-related entities (GRE) in the UAE are due to repay $30 billion of debts maturing this year, according to the IMF.

“The Dubai World debt restructuring was completed, but several other troubled GREs are still in the process of restructuring. GRE indebtedness, refinancing needs and reliance on foreign funding remain high,” the IMF said, adding that “significant amount of debt is falling due in 2014-15.” Problems with GREs could escalate, if the market environment for fund raising becomes difficult.

In June, MSCI announced that MSCI UAE and MSCI Qatar Indices will continue as frontier markets but will remain under review for potential reclassification at the next annual review in June 2013.

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(Research by Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz); financial data from Reuters July 31 2012).


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