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Which Businesses Boom In Ramadan?

Which Businesses Boom In Ramadan?

While Ramadan is usually a slow period for most businesses, there are some companies that perform particularly well during the holy month.

Ramadan is a slow month for most businesses in the GCC. Working hours are short, and if, like this year, the holy month falls during summer, it’s a double slowdown for most companies.

But there are some brands and companies that have integrated their marketing campaigns with Ramadan and the holy month provides some of their best results for the year.

Gulf Business lists some of them:

1. Vimto


The berry-flavoured fruit beverage manufactured by Saudi-based Aujan Industries has been marketing itself year after year – very successfully – as a Ramadan drink. So much so that approximately half of Vimto’s annual sales occur during the Ramadan period, the brand’s website says.



Broadcast networks such as MBC and OSN enjoy increased viewership during Ramadan, and regularly release much-anticipated new content during the holy month.

A senior businessman even joked to us during a recent iftar gathering that most people stay awake throughout the night only to watch the Ramadan specials.

3. Bateel


Dates are a traditional favourite during the holy month, and a box of deluxe Bateel dates has become almost an obligatory item in every Ramadan gift hamper. Apart from offering a wide variety of special Ramadan date boxes, the company has also further diversified its product range to chocolates and pastries.

4. Patchi/Cho’Coa


Good for all seasons, chocolates, especially exclusive ones like Patchi and Cho’Coa, become vital corporate gift items during Ramadan. Lebanese brand Patchi’s Ramadan & Eid Al Fitr Collection 2013 includes a 46-page long selection for customers.

5. Ramadan app creators


With the GCC boasting extremely high mobile penetrations rates, it’s no surprise that enterprising app creators are cashing in during Ramadan. There has been a surge in the number of mobile apps targeting Muslims including Pray With Me, Ramadan Kareem, Quran Mojawed, Muslim Prayers, Essential Duas, Muslim Pro and Salatuk.


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