Tesla expected to soon reveal 'million-mile-battery' Tesla expected to soon reveal 'million-mile-battery'
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Tesla expected to soon reveal ‘million-mile-battery’

Tesla expected to soon reveal ‘million-mile-battery’

Tesla has collaborated with Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology for this battery

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Tesla has long been one of the world’s leading electric car manufacturers. According to a report published by Reuters earlier this month, the American company has now developed a battery which can operate up to a million miles.

Significantly, the battery will be produced at an affordable price which will allow Tesla to in turn price its electric cars on par with conventional fuel cars.

The new battery that the sources call “the million-mile-battery” can be continuously recharged and used for a total of million miles before it becomes unusable.

The sources indicated that the new battery is the result of a joint development project between Tesla and the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology, as well as several other battery experts.

The Chinese company’s contribution comes in the form of the chemistry of the battery that either does not contain cobalt, or contains small amounts of it, as it is an expensive resource which therefore contributes significantly to reducing the price of the battery.

In other related developments, Elon Musk started operating the Tesla plant in California a few days ago, in violation of a government decision to stop work and stay at home.

Tesla also launched a new update in late April to its fleet of vehicles, helping it to automatically stop at traffic lights or at crossroads, a feature that can significantly contribute to reducing accidents.

Tesla wants to reduce the accidents caused by its cars, especially as it aims to provide a complete self-driving system in the near future.

The company needs to ensure a reliable system that will not result in accidents which could inadvertently and permanently destroy its reputation.

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