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Taking FX to the future

Taking FX to the future

Mario Sanchez, managing director and global head of FXCM Pro Sales, shares how innovation is continuing to drive the forex trading industry in 2022, as the company prepares to showcase their latest offering, CFD Prime, at the upcoming iFX Expo in Dubai


Continuous innovation has been the lifeblood of the modern forex exchange (FX) industry and this, along with the rapid technological development seen in recent years, has been crucial for sustained industry growth. The upcoming iFX Expo 2022 in Dubai is the ideal platform to see the latest trends and innovations shaping online FX trading and contract for differences (CFD) trading and other related services.

The event, considered the world’s first and largest financial business-to-business expo, is being held from February 23-24. The event will see companies, such as FXCM Pro, a Jefferies company, showcase their latest products and services to the market.

FXCM Pro is part of the FXCM Group, a leading provider of online FX trading, CFD trading and related services.

As the institutional brokerage and trading services arm of the group, FXCM Pro provides retail brokers, small hedge funds and emerging market banks access to wholesale execution and liquidity, while providing high and medium frequency funds access to prime brokerage services.

Mario Sanchez, managing director and global head of FXCM Pro Sales, said: “We are excited about sharing our latest product with the online FX and CFD trading community. The CFD Prime service – released in late 2021 – is the latest addition to our platform. CFD Prime brings the netting, rollover fee and margin benefits enjoyed in the FX market to those trading CFD products, making it an innovative proposition in the trading ecosystem.”

CFD Prime is a fully customisable service suitable for any trader, providing a significant edge in areas such as bank and non-bank liquidity customisation.

“Through our collaboration with Integral, a leading financial technology company, we’ve underpinned CFD Prime with best-in-class trading technology. This allows more market participants to connect and trade with the widest range of counterparties, and also eliminates bilateral credit as a barrier to market, meaning that more traders can access core CFD liquidity with enhanced efficiently,” added Sanchez.

This is an important factor considering remote working conditions – precipitated by the pandemic – have added further pressure on quick and seamless connectivity to the markets.

“FXCM Pro worked hard to provide increased connectivity and speed in emerging markets, third party integration and multiple delivery channels. We also enable institutional FX clients in all global regions to access FXCM’s institutional services through global data centres, including NY4, LD4 and TY3. This provides our clients with further reduced latency and faster execution,” added Sanchez.

Throughout 2021, access to tier 1 liquidity was paramount, so FXCM Pro’s team sourced the most efficient liquidity providers to enable this service.

Sanchez said: “We also partnered with venues to match client needs, be it single tickets on large orders, stickier pricing intraday on metals, and much more. Through our partnership with FlexTrade, our clients also have access to market-leading liquidity, pricing and execution solutions.”

These steps are part of the company’s commitment to offer best-in-class service to its clients, said Sanchez. “Our aim is to significantly reduce the cost of trading, offering tight spreads, best execution and access to the market.”

To find out more about FXCM Pro, visit fxcm.com

Disclaimer: Trading Forex/CFDs on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The products mentioned are intended for retail, professional and eligible counterparty clients.

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