#Tuwaiq Academy

Cisco has collaborated with the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP), to develop the digital skills of 8,000 trainers in the fields of cybersecurity and programming via the Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad). The Cisco NetAcad programme in Saudi Arabia has one of the highest female student participation rates in the world, at 32 per cent, a figure Cisco wants to keep expanding. Of the 8,000 participants being trained via Cisco and SAFCSP’s new initiative, through a combination of online and on-site courses, the duo will be training and upskilling more than 1,000 women. As part of the skills building agenda, Cisco will develop the competencies of SAFCSP’s trainers, looking to gain further expertise in digitisation and cybersecurity essentials, including Cisco DevNet and Python qualifications. The collaborative partnership will see Cisco and SAFCSP leverage their upskilling initiatives to enhance the digital capabilities of Tuwaiq Academy, Saudi Arabia's first advanced technology academy, and CyberHub, a platform for Saudi-based students interested in gaining cybersecurity skills, following a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed in 2018 to develop cybersecurity and programming skills. SAFCSP established Tuwaiq Academy and CyberHub under the auspices of the Saudi Olympic Committee, which strives to build local professional capabilities in digital transformation – specifically in the fields of cybersecurity and programming. The programme is built on the pillars of inspiration, empowerment, and long-term sustainability, with the objective of having one programmer for every 100 Saudis by 2030. Commenting on the partnership, Salman Abdulghani Faqeeh, managing director, Saudi Arabia at Cisco said, “With a tech-savvy population and the national agenda putting investments in infrastructure and talent development at the forefront, Saudi Arabia is ensuring that digital transformation and upskilling remains a vital contributor towards the growth and success of several industries.”

Cisco partners with the Saudi cybersecurity institution to enhance digital skills in the kingdom

Cisco’s networking academy will now upskill 8,000 SAFCSP trainers, accelerating Saudi Arabia’s digitisation agenda