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Saudi's King Salman appoints new central bank governor

Saudi’s King Salman appoints new central bank governor

Former governor, Dr Fahd Al-Mubarak, takes on the role of adviser at the royal court

Saudi Arabia's central bank launches open banking lab

Saudi Central Bank launches Open Banking Lab

The bank is tracking the development of banks and fintechs to ensure their readiness to launch open banking services in Q1 2023

sheila alrowaily Aramco

Aramco executive becomes first woman on Saudi Central Bank board

Sheila Alrowaily is among a growing number of women taking on leadership roles in finance across the Gulf region

Saudi Central Bank extends pandemic loan support into next year

The programme has helped banks avoid having to recognise credit as non-performing

Saudi Arabia broadens Central Bank’s mandate to promote growth

The new charter also formally changed the name of the central bank, from Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority to Saudi Central Bank