10th Invesco study Investment outlook for 2022

Middle East sovereigns are looking at private markets in the face of rising inflation, reveals Invesco study

Key findings of the latest Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study based on the views of 139 chief investment officers, heads of asset classes and senior portfolio strategists

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From negative returns to bond yields, current investment trends mapped

Trends show investors have been buying bonds in a range of financial and corporate issuers, where yields provide a boost to the income the funds produce

Women in business: How diverse perspectives deliver greater profitability

Strong leadership has nothing to do with gender, feminism or politics – and everything to do with outperforming on both profitability and value creation

Voices from the top: Josette Rizk, director of institutional clients, MEA, Invesco

Invesco’s client-centric approach has enabled its EMEA business to grow in assets under management

How the Gulf region will witness a vigorous recovery in 2021/22

The recent recovery of the crude oil price to the pre-pandemic level of $60-65 per barrel is a huge relief for all the Gulf states

Women’s Voice: My successful journey in a male-dominated industry

We have not yet reached gender parity – women today are still under-leveraged and undervalued in the workforce, says Invesco’s Zainab Kufaishi

Zainab Invesco

Video: Where are Middle East sovereigns investing?

Fixed income and gold have emerged as attractive asset classes for regional sovereigns, finds the Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management study