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hurricane season upon us

Fires, hurricanes, dangerous heat: The US is reeling from a string of disasters

Two tropical storms and one post-tropical cyclone are currently churning across the Atlantic Ocean in an intense start to the most active part of hurricane season

Canada's Record Wildfire Season Set to Worsen as Heat Builds

Raging wildfires trigger mass evacuation in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Canada is experiencing the worst wildfire season on record with more than 1,000 active fires burning across the country

Sahem Azzam on reimagining supply chain

How technology can unlock the full potential of supply chain

Smart technologies can unlock the potential data dividend in every link in the supply chain

UAE to support countries affected by immigration with $100m

UAE allots $100m to support countries affected by ‘irregular migration’

President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said that ‘irregular migration’ stands as one of the most critical challenges facing the world today

PM Modi meets Sheikh Mohamed in UAE

UAE President, India’s PM meet; deals signed include MoU to set up payment in local currencies

India and UAE signed three crucial MoUs to further bilateral trade and economic partnership

Temperatures are rising and hot areas create extreme drought conditions. Image credit: WMO

Monday was the hottest day ever as global temperatures rise

The new high underscores the extreme temperatures this summer in the northern hemisphere, and brings into focus the slow pace of progress on curbing emissions

Cover story: How Magnom Properties is keen to invest in the future

The real estate arm of Saudi conglomerate, Rawabi Holding, is looking to be part of the solution on climate change


This is how tourism must shift to actually address climate change

An estimated 11 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to tourism, and that’s predicted to double by 2050

UAE Space Agency signs MoU with Philippine counterpart to enhance cooperation

UAE Space Agency signs MoU with Philippines counterpart to enhance cooperation

The MoU enables exchange of space data to support various fields of common interest such as climate change, disaster management, emergency response, food security and agriculture


Alan’s Corner: Coming full circle

Why the circular economy is good for the environment, and your business

Rula Al Qadi is the managing director and head of group funding at First Abu Dhabi Bank

Why green bonds are an effective weapon in the fight against climate change

The provision of green bonds and green private placements products are a vital aspect of First Abu Dhabi Bank’s sustainability strategy and the projects it’s actively involved in

UAE and Indonesia to partner on climate action, infrastructure development and AI

The agreements aim to strengthen the economic, environmental and technological cooperation between the two countries


Will it be business as usual after COP27?

COP27 and COP28, being held in Egypt and the UAE respectively, place the Middle East at the centre in efforts against climate change. Here’s what the region can contribute towards building sustainable future

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

What happens after warming hits 1.5C? A guide to climate overshoot

Prompted by the Paris Agreement, scientists in 2018 published a major report finding that an additional half-degree Celsius of warming considerably upped the odds of harsher climate impacts

COP27: “We meet at a critical time for our planet and our future generations,” says UAE President

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan emphasised the importance of international cooperation to tackle climate change for the sake of future generations

World Green Economy Summit discussed role of youth in climate change

World Green Economy Summit discusses role of youth in climate change

The summit discussed topics related to the skill development of youth in global climate policies, ways to empower them and the role of the government in supporting them

energy agreement

UAE and Germany sign new energy agreement

The agreement will accelerate projects of joint interest in areas of energy security, decarbonisation and climate action

circular economy

Supporting a circular economy is key to being a corporate citizen

Data-driven processes are more essential than ever to make the circular economy a reality, mainly by increasing the lifespan of raw materials

Tom De Waele, Managing Partner, Bain & Company Middle East 

Five steps that Middle East companies can take to reduce carbon footprint

To translate ambition into delivery, companies need to adopt a mindset that we call visionary pragmatism and get five things right

Expo City Dubai

UAE to host COP28 summit at Expo City Dubai

The conference is expected to see over 45,000 participants daily, including heads of state, government officials and industry leaders, among others

What are the biggest issues being discussed at Davos 2022?

Some issues to be discussed at Davos 2022 include the Ukraine crisis, the lingering threat of the pandemic, inflation and the shifting geopolitical influence.

Green cold war or climate anarchy? Together we can decide

Climate change is going to reshape the world

Green bonds still have a long way to go to dent climate crisis

Global sales of green bonds hit a record $513bn last year

Bring tech and innovation to the climate-change fight

Since 1980, the Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the rest of the globe

Climate change made the last eight years the hottest on record

Last year’s global average temperature was a bit more than 1° Celsius higher than the 1880-1900 average

Climate change: What is the GCC’s role in this equation

The region needs to capitalise on the economic benefits of the sustainable energy industry

Abu Dhabi UAE government

UAE business leaders welcome hosting of COP28 in 2023

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change announced at COP26 in Glasgow that the UAE will host the event

Over half of Arab youth say they will boycott brands that damage the environment

The region’s youth is keen to ensure governments and businesses act responsibly when it comes to climate action

UAE’s bid to host COP28 receives backing from Asia Pacific Group

The endorsement came at the COP26 summit in Glasgow

Global warming will kill 83 million people in the next 80 years

Every 4,434 tons of carbon spewed into the Earth’s atmosphere in 2020 will kill one person this century