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UAE cabinet approves green fuel guideline for aviation

In 2023, the UAE cabinet issued more than 60 policies, initiatives, and decisions to promote the nation’s efforts to combat climate change and its impact

Dubai plans to slash carbon emissions in half by 2030

Dubai plans to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030

The city’s ambitious plan is set to accelerate the momentum that it has achieved in its transition towards clean energy over the last decade

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OPEC members push against including fossil fuels phase-out in COP28 deal

Germany’s state secretary and special envoy for climate action, Jennifer Morgan, said counties were now “moving into the critical stage of negotiations”


COP28 formally approves climate disaster fund arrangements

Day 1 at COP28 saw the announcement of a fund to help vulnerable nations cope with the cost of climate-driven damage


COP28 UAE kicks off, as global climate action takes centre stage

Leaders must deliver in Dubai – the message is clear, said UN Climate Change executive secretary Simon Stiell on the eve of COP28

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Climate vulnerable nations could get insured for $10m a year: Report

New research sheds light on how to use insurance money to protect countries from the spiralling cost of storms, drought, and rising sea levels


COP28: EU, US and UAE deal to triple renewable energy this decade backed by 60 countries

Major emerging economies like Nigeria, South Africa and Vietnam, developed countries like Australia, Japan and Canada, have said they will join the pledge


COP28: Dr Sultan Al Jaber, WFP chief call for focus on rising humanitarian needs

With multiple crises affecting millions of people around the world, the upcoming climate summit aims to focus on the needs of the most vulnerable

COP 28 meet to discuss loss and damage fund concludes successfully GettyImages-1340683804-e1644584765829

COP28: Meet to discuss implementation of Loss and Damage Fund concludes successfully

The agreed recommendations will now be socialised with national governments ahead of COP28, so the fund can be activated and capitalised

Engie's Ian Harfield on navigating the route to decarbonisation Image Supplied

Insights: Demystifying decarbonisation

Here’s how we can forge a greener and brighter future together

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Exxon Mobil’s megadeal in Permian Basin to test climate-aware shareholders

The deal puts focus on the Permian and signals Exxon is sticking to its fundamental business

DIFC Future Sustainability Forum

DIFC: First Future Sustainability Forum to host over 1,000 global industry heads

The first ever Future Sustainability Forum will be held from October 4-5, at the Ritz-Carlton DIFC

Climate Future Week at Museum of the Future Image Supplied

Museum of the Future: Climate Future Week to begin on Sept 26

Climate Future Week will feature 20 main sessions, six workshops and three events, including a Climate Start-up Majlis, Climate Film Festival, and photo exhibition

Sheikha Shamma Launces the Climate Tribe Image courtesy WAM

UAE launches social enterprise The Climate Tribe to drive climate action

With its focus on storytelling and community impact, the Climate Tribe is poised to make a lasting impact on the journey toward a more sustainable future

AstraZeneca - New office inauguration Image supplied

AstraZeneca inaugurates new sustainable offices at Dubai Science Park

This development is part of a series of initiatives that align with the pharma giant’s global Ambition Zero Carbon programme


UAE announces $4.5bn initiative to support deployment of clean energy in Africa

 The landmark initiative brings together Abu Dhabi Fund for Development , Etihad Credit Insurance, Masdar and AMEA Power among others

London now world's largest no-emissions zone Image Getty Images

London is now the world’s largest low-emissions zone. Was the fight worth it?

A decade ago London had NO2 levels that were among the worst of major world cities, and that has improved dramatically alongside the expansion of the ULEZ

Hanadi Khalife head of ICAEW on how the public and provate sector shoud finance the green transition Image ICAEW

Insights: Why public-private financing will drive the green transition

Governments around the world are increasingly treating private sector companies as key partners in tackling societal challenges, including climate change

The future of water _ World Water Week GettyImages

The future of water: Nurturing a water-wise world

As we mark World Water Week, the theme of this year, ‘Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World’ is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address this crisis

UAE chases 7% growth to double economy to over $800bn

UAE sets target to achieve 40% cut in carbon emissions by 2030

Sectors such as power and water generation, heavy industry, transport, waste, buildings, and agriculture will reduce emissions as per specific sectoral targets

UAE Governments Net Zero 2050 Charter Dubai Media Office

New UAE Governments Net Zero 2050 Charter a nod to collective climate action

The charter was signed on the sidelines of the UAE Cabinet meeting held on March 6

Masdar, IFC to jointly advance climate action in emerging markets

Masdar, IFC to jointly advance climate action in emerging markets

The framework will look at accelerating the adoption of distributed photovoltaic systems, and the development of innovative new technologies and business models in emerging markets

Rana Abu Nemeh shares her insight on COP28

COP28: Lead the charge against climate change

It is estimated that COP28 will have participation from more than 80,000 delegates, including 140 heads of state and government

Climate activists and world leaders head to Egypt for COP27

COP27 begins, world leaders arrive in Egypt

With more than 2000 speakers and over 40,000 participants, the event will oversee leaders and activists share ideas, solutions and innovative projects for climate action

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Climate action: Why brands need to look local for global impact

Beyond a small cohort of highly engaged activists, the nuances of environmental science remain poorly understood by most consumers

MoCCAE launches UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge

UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment launches climate action ‘pledge’ for private sector

Signatories will intensify their efforts to combat climate change, by measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, among other steps

UAE’s Aldar to reduce carbon emissions by 80,000 tons annually across assets

It will enable Aldar to save approximately Dhs40m per year in energy consumption costs