Spinneys introduces incubator for micro F&B suppliers in UAE
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Spinneys introduces incubator for micro F&B suppliers in UAE

Spinneys introduces incubator for micro F&B suppliers in UAE

Via the incubator programme, micro F&B businesses will be given the opportunity to list their product at Spinneys for a year with no start-up fees


Supermarket brand Spinneys has launched its incubator programme for micro food and beverage (F&B) suppliers in the UAE, it announced on May 31.

As part of its corporate sustainability initiative Let’s Do Better Together and to support local food production as well as stimulate economic growth in the sector, the initiative aims to fast-track supermarket listings for innovative F&B businesses.

Via the incubator programme, micro F&B businesses will be given the opportunity to list their products at Spinneys for a year, with no start-up fees and generous payment terms.

Selected brands will receive monthly coaching sessions from the Spinneys’ senior management team, as well as marketing support across its digital channels, PR and via in-store sampling.

The primary eligibility criteria would be for the product to be produced or manufactured in the UAE and meet a clear consumer need.

The incubator programme is in line with the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy to embolden local food production capability and wean its dependence off imported food supplies, by lowering barriers to entry and help accelerate a challenging path to shelf listing.

“This incubator programme underscores our commitment to support made-in-the-UAE food and beverage companies in an effort to enhance the food security system, but also to help drive job creation and economic growth. It’s an opportunity to show our customers and our community how we actively invest in them. We have walked the entrepreneurial road, and built a legacy. Spinneys is an integral part of the UAE community and supporting our community is at the core of our values,” explains Tom Harvey, commercial manager at Spinneys.

As the country aims to triple the production of essential foods in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Spinneys says all stakeholders in the F&B industry need to be re-thinking the future of food.

“Covid-19 is probably the biggest stress test the F&B industry has ever had to endure, and we are so proud of how our team at Spinneys has risen to the challenges presented. But now we need to look beyond the pandemic and facilitate innovation. As an industry, large grocery retailers don’t make it easy for the smaller F&B brands to get listed. There are high account opening fees, the ongoing listing fees, lengthy payment terms, and a cumbersome registration process.

“All of this slows down the supply chain, stifles innovation and ultimately inhibits growth for both the supplier and grocer. Under our CSR initiative – Let’s Do Better Together – we aim to change that. Finding and investing in unique brands will help Spinneys build important local supply relationships and differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive market,” Harvey added.

Interested suppliers would be required to submit a short presentation via the Spinneys website, detailing the product or concept, the business plan and the people driving the business.

The incubator panel, represented by senior Spinneys executives, will review and shortlist potential businesses and invite those accepted to pitch virtually and answer questions in a “Dragon’s Den” style format.

Nominations must be submitted by June 30, 2020.

Selected businesses will be listed in Spinneys stores for 12 months, during which they will gain commercial and marketing insights to scale their businesses.

After a year, those brands will be given the opportunity to continue retailing with Spinneys, subject to achieving certain financial metrics, and can choose to retail through other distributors as well.

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