Speed limits reduced on two major Dubai roads

Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road will have new speed limits in Dubai

The maximum speed limits on two of Dubai’s major roads is set to be reduced, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police announced that the maximum speed limit on Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road will be reduced from 120 km per hour to 110 km/h.

The radars will also be reset at 131 km/h on the two roads, official news agency WAM reported. No specific timeline for the change was announced.

The move comes due to the “recurrent traffic speeding and run-over accidents” on the two roads.

The RTA and police also discussed the management of traffic accidents in Dubai to reduce the time taken to restore traffic movement back to normal.

Under the project, the RTA will provide logistical support needed by the Police through opening alternative roads and introducing traffic diversion, the report said.

The total number of traffic accidents in the UAE fell from 4,796 in 2015 to 4,788 in 2016.

However, the number of deaths caused by accidents rose by 7.4 per cent to 725 last year, compared to 675 in 2015. The total number of people injured also rose to 6,681 in 2016, up from 6,670 in 2015.

Earlier this month, officials said that amendments to the federal traffic law are expected to be unveiled this year, which will help reduce the number of accidents and ensure traffic safety.