Smart mobility company Barq EV launches in the UAE
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Smart mobility company Barq EV launches in the UAE

Smart mobility company Barq EV launches in the UAE

Barq also signed two MoUs, the first with the restaurant and food group Americana and the second with specialised automobile equipment global manufacturer Motherson

UAE-based Barq EV, which specialises in smart mobility and logistics solutions, has announced the official launch to start its business in the country.

The startup is scheduled to provide its customers with an integrated package of products and services.

During the ceremony that was organised at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the company indicated that it aims to address the delivery challenges of several industries such as e-commerce, logistics, and transportation of medical supplies through its environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

Ahmed Suhail Faris Al Mazroui, the company’s co-founder stated, – “The announcement of the launch of Barq and its advanced technology in the field of mobility represents a major initiative and an important milestone in our plans for the company. We aim to be at the forefront of the environmentally-friendly mobility sectors in the region, where mobility is a major part of the company’s strategy and an essential factor to enhance the green footprint within urban developments.”

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abu Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Barq EV, said, “The company’s launch represents an important step for our projects within the field of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. We at Barq are proud to harness our expertise and efforts to contribute to supporting the transformation within the transport sector in the country”, explaining at the same time that diversifying the transportation modes in the country will support its efforts to advance sustainable development as well as limit adverse effects from climate change.

Mazen Al-Jubeir, the company’s third co-founder, explained that the company is currently launching three different electric vehicles designed and manufactured with materials compatible with the conditions of the Middle East and North Africa.

Among the products is the ‘Rena Max’, an electric moped, which has been designed by international best practices and is equipped with safety and security systems that are in line with the company’s mission to preserve the health and safety of the rider.

Al-Jubeir added that when designing the moped, the company ensured to include advanced electronic systems that enable it to measure and record the data of the various trips made by the driver, which can be analysed later to improve operational efficiencies of the trips. In addition, the moped is also equipped with a temperature-controlled storage box, allowing the rider to set the temperatures that are compatible with the nature of the items being delivered to the consumer.

The company also launched the ‘Yas 1’, an autonomous drone that is equipped with cameras, transmitters and a sophisticated motor allowing it to fly long distances. It was designed with specifications and solid material to carry and deliver medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

The Yas 1 drone improves the speed and ease of transporting medical samples and supplies and helps manage emergencies by making urgent deliveries of items such as antibiotics, vaccines and others. This contributes to a reduction in occupancy rates in healthcare facilities and enhances the quality of their outputs.

In addition, it also launched an electric bicycle, the ‘Rena Lite’, which is designed to meet the requirements that match the needs of the company’s various customers.

During the ceremony, Barq signed two MoUs, the first with the restaurant and food group Americana and the second with specialised automobile equipment global manufacturer Motherson.

Under the first agreement, Barq will provide a number of its vehicles to transport and provide logistical services to Americana, while the company will proceed, based on the second agreement with Motherson, to build and deliver its products.

Barq EV is the only commercial drone delivery service provider in the UAE. In December of 2021, the company was able to break two Guinness World Records by executing the longest flight of a drone for the delivery service at 13.584 km and the longest non-stop return flight for a drone at 18.065 km.

Barq EV was founded by Ahmed Suhail Faris Al Mazroui, Abdullah Abu Sheikh and Mazen Al-Jubeir, to deploy and advance the concepts of using advanced environmentally-friendly technology in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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