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Sheikh Mohammed Launches New Centre For Government Innovation

Sheikh Mohammed Launches New Centre For Government Innovation

The new centre will coordinate innovation in government entities, the Dubai ruler said.

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has inaugurated a new centre dedicated to fostering government innovation in the emirate.

“Today we inaugurated the MBR Centre for Government Innovation, which is dedicated to establishing creativity as a key pillar of government,” Sheikh Mohammed tweeted.

“The centre will coordinate innovation labs in government entities and build capacity for innovation across the national workforce.

He added that the UAE government is already one of the most efficient in the world, as per rankings by Swiss business school IMD. But the 65-year old head of the emirate also called for innovation from government officials.

“Winning the competitiveness race and delivering strong government do not depend on money or resources. It is ideas that make the difference,” the Dubai ruler tweeted.

The UAE was ranked the 12th most competitive nation globally in a recent report released by the World Economic Forum.

The country was rated second globally for the effectiveness of government spending, the impact of taxes on investment, the lack of trade barriers, the quality of its aviation infrastructure and the government’s ability to procure the most advanced technology.

It also ranked highly in terms of the absence of government bureaucracy and citizens’ confidence in government and leadership.


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