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Why you should set up your business in Dubai Design District

Why you should set up your business in Dubai Design District

With world class facilities and smart initiatives, d3 promises to be a hub for creatives

Dubai is known for its unique sky scrapers, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. Now Dubai wants to add one more feather on its cap; the city wants to become the design capital of the world.

Dubai Design District, popularly known as d3, is calling designers from across the world to come and set up their business, studio or institute within the zone.

This call is very appealing for professionals because in d3 they will have the chance to work with multinational peers, the opportunity to understand multicultural perceptions of art and showcase their work to the world. Dubai Design District is ensuring access to world class infrastructure and has taken many smart initiatives to ensure efficient use of resources.

Designers from every domain can apply for a license in Dubai design district. It is open to fashion designers, textile designers, interior designers, graphic designers, painters, mural artists, photographers and book publishers.

Here’s six reasons why d3 is a viable choice for businesses.

Dubai design district is a free zone. An investor or a professional can enjoy sole ownership, full repatriation of profit, no duty on import-export and all the other facilities of a free zone. This free zone also has a unique feature. If you wish to have a free zone license, full ownership is permitted to entrepreneurs and professionals of foreign origin. On the other hand, if you want to have a professional license from the mainland and an office in design district, you are allowed to do this with some legal licensing conditions. Even if you want to have a commercial license in mainland and use the facilities of design district, you can get the permission for it with some licensing conditions.

Go global – Dubai is the one of the most visited cities in the world. The Downtown Dubai area where Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are located is the most popular area among visitors. Dubai Design District is close to this location and hence will benefit from the increased visibility.

Be versatile – D3 has a business zone for fashion, luxury and the design sector where 10,000 workers can work. It offers retail space and apartments so you also can easily access your workplace. You will have access to art studios, museums, art galleries etc which will boost your versatility.

Smart step – Authorities have taken 21 steps to develop the district as a ‘smart’ zone. These steps include smart parking meters, smart energy meters and smart waste management, among others.

Automation – D3 owns a security system that can recognise an employee’s face and switch on lights and adjust the temperature on a user’s desk automatically.

Why Dubai – Dubai will give you world class infrastructure and you also don’t need to pay any income tax. It’s a perfect gateway between the east and west. You can expand your business activities and network in the whole GCC region easily if you operate from Dubai.

Naveed Kashif is the director of Corporate Services at biznet Consulting


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