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Apple’s iPhone 5 Draws Rave Reviews

The tech giant received more than two million orders for the iPhone 5 within the first 24 hours of its launch.

Apple iPhone 5 In UAE Late September

Apple’s latest product will be on US shelves from September 21st, and should be available in the UAE just after that.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Finally Here

The anticipation is over as the latest iPhone is revealed as taller, thinner, lighter and 4G enabled.

Price Of Apple iPhone 5 On UAE Grey Market Will Soar

Retailers warn UAE customers to wait and buy Apple’s new iPhone from official outlets as grey market prices are higher.

The iPhone 5 Is Almost Here…We Think

The world’ worst kept secret is soon to be unveiled in San Francisco as Apple loyalists await the unveiling of its latest product.

New Lumia Range – Nokia’s Last Hurrah?

A busy few weeks for the mobile phone marketplace sees two new handsets from Nokia as it attempts to win back its share of the limelight.

Apple Expected To Launch iPhone 5 On Sept 12

The tech giant has hinted that it will launch its latest phone at an event on September 12 in San Francisco.

iPhone Struggles In China

Apple is used to being a market leader, but the hugely lucrative Chinese market is proving elusive.

Apple Seeks Bans On Samsung Phones

Days after its court victory, the world’s most valuable company has filed a lawsuit against the South Korean brand, targeting 28 of its devices.

Best Gadgets for the Corner Office

Gulf Business lists the gadgets you need to have if you’re about to step into the corner office.

Saudi Aramco Says Virus Damage Fixed; Oil Output Unaffected

A virus infected about 30,000 of the oil producer’s workstations in mid-August, forcing the company to cut off external communications.

Zain Confirms Vodafone Roaming Talks

The Kuwaiti-network is expected to agree a non-equity deal with the operator giant to share its network.

UAE Residents Find Online Banking “Safe”

According to a new survey in the UAE by Western Union, 76 per cent of the respondents find internet banking safe.

Apple Awarded Over $1bn In Samsung Case

A California jury ruled that Korean manufacturer Samsung had infringed six of Apple’s patents for mobiles.

Apple Becomes Most Valuable Company Ever

With a market capitalisation of around $623 billion, the tech giant is now the world’s most valuable public firm.

Apple Drops YouTube App In New Software

Next generation iPhones and iPads will no longer have Google’s YouTube app pre-installed in the software.

UAE’s Tejari To Double Staff By 2015

The Dubai-based e-procurement technology provider plans to expand operations across the GCC.

Intel Posts 12.5% Fall In Q2 Profit

The technology company posted a year-on-year rise in quarterly revenue to $13.5 billion.

IBM To Expand In The ME

The global technology firm plans to increase regional hiring and open more offices in a major expansion drive.

Future Dewa Bills On Facebook

Future utility bills may be displayed on social networks as government sectors look to improve communication.

Facebook Buys Facial Recognition

The world’s biggest social network acquires the company behind the ‘tagging’ of photos for $60 million.

Nasdaq Reimburses Facebook Claims

The stock exchange will pay $40 million to investors hit by technical glitches during Facebook’s IPO debut.

Microsoft Warns Of Flame Virus

The American computer giant has warned Middle East PC users of the virus penetrating the region.

Facebook Has 45m MENA Users

The social networking site has opened an office in Dubai to try and boost advertising revenues from the region.

Zuckerberg Drops Off Billionaires List

The Facebook CEO has lost $1.5 billion in the last five days, losing his spot among the world’s 40 richest people.

Facebook, Banks, Sued Over IPO

Investors have accused the company of hiding weakened growth forecasts ahead of its $16 billion IPO.

Facebook To Open Dubai Office

The social network eyes regional advertisers as a new source of investment following the firm’s IPO last week.

Facebook Shares Down Already

Tumbling shares wipe billions off Facebook price two days after IPO amid accusations of a poorly constructed listing.

Facebook Listing Falls Flat

The social networking site’s IPO fizzled out on day one, dampening high expectations and expert predictions.

Facebook To Increase IPO Size

The social networking site reportedly plans to float an additional 85 million shares in its IPO.