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Mobile Advertising Calls For Profits

With many GCC consumers now owning two handsets, mobile advertising represents a golden untapped opportunity.

Middle East Companies Must Use Mobile Sites – Google

Businesses are relying too much on apps and are not capitalising on the region’s high levels of internet and mobile penetration.

Lenovo Launches Smartphones In UAE, Saudi

The PC maker has introduced six new models to the market, with prices ranging from Dhs499 to Dhs1,999.

New BlackBerry Q5 To Make Global Debut In UAE

The new BlackBerry smartphone, priced Dhs1,499 will be unveiled in the UAE on June 20.

Islam, Ramadan Apps’ Popularity To Soar

This year’s holy month will be the ‘most mobile-enabled’ yet as Middle East penetration rate hits 109 per cent.

Apple Launches New iOS 7 For iPhone, iPad

The new operating system comes with a host of new features such as Control Center, AirDrop and an improved Siri.

Saudi Arabia Bans Viber Web Communication App

The Kingdom announced in March that it was planning to ban VoIP services such as Skype and Viber.

Antique Apple-1 Fetches Record $671K

The market for old Apple computers is heating up, with prices steadily increasing.

As iPhone 6 Rumours Start, How Can Apple Keep Its Edge?

The phone manufacturer is expected to announce details of the new device in June this year.

Huawei’s Middle East Revenue Rose 18% In 2012

The world’s second-largest telecom equipment maker also expects Middle East telecom operators to prioritise improving network efficiency.

Investment Key To Internet Economy’s Regional Growth

E-commerce spends across the Arab World grew 45 per cent to $15 billion last year.

Hotels Need More Online Video Content Says Google Travel Head

More users expect websites to feature videos as well as photos

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Does the latest feature-rich smartphone from Samsung live up to its hype?

Yahoo To Buy Tumblr For $1.1bn – Reports

The boards of both companies have reportedly approved the deal, expected to be announced on Monday.

Saudi Arabia Says Hackers Sabotage Government Websites

An investigation traced the attacks to hundreds of internet protocol addresses in a number of countries.

Indian Companies, GCC Banks In Global Cyber Heist

Rakbank suffered a $5 million coordinated heist at ATMs around the world in December while Bank of Muscat lost $40 million in February.

Facebook’s Q1 Profit Up 58% As Mobile Ads Surge

The social networking site generated mobile advertising revenues of almost $375 million during the first quarter.

Review: LG Optimus L9 P768

Priced at Dhs999 in the UAE, the mid-range android smartphone comes packed with features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 To Hit UAE Stores On April 27

The phone is priced at Dhs2,599 and will be available at all major retail outlets in the country.

Spring GITEX Shopper Offers Glimpse Of Main Event

The shorter GITEX technology event in March indicated 2013 will be dominated by tablet computers, mobiles and accessories.

Top 10 Digital Companies To Watch

Gulf Business lists 10 companies to keep a close eye on as they move the region’s digital industry forward.

BlackBerry Sells One Million Z10 Phones, Reports $98m Q4 Profit

The Canadian manufacturer saw revenues and subscribers fall during the three-month period.

Saudi Telcos To Ensure Skype, Whatsapp Meet Local Laws

The order did not state how long telcos would be given to comply with the new regulations.

Saudi Arabia May Try To End Anonymity For Twitter Users

Access to the networking site may be restricted to people who register their identification documents, say reports.

The Coming Of Cyber World War I

Experts say looming IT attacks could be catastrophic for global business and even cost lives.

Saudi Mulls Banning WhatsApp, Skype

The Kingdom is reportedly in talks with application operators to ensure that they adhere to regulatory requirements.

YouTube Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Users

Nearly one out of every two people on the internet now visits the video-sharing website.

Top 10 Technology IPOs In 2012

Apart from Facebook, how many other tech IPOs in 2012 can you remember?

YouTube Users In MENA Can Now Monetise Original Content

The video-sharing website has started its partner programme in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch: The Countdown Begins

The new smartphone is reportedly powered by a new processor and said to include a unique eye-scrolling feature.